Conversation is made easier with Truchat

At present, almost everyone has a smartphone and there is a messaging app to stay in touch with their friends and family. Through this internet chats, everyone can stay connected anywhere and anytime in the world. There are many apps for instant messaging but not all are with excellent features moreover with the low rating. Now it’s time to create your own messaging app through advanced software which does not require any skills to handle any tools. Truchat is advanced software where you can develop the apps like WhatsApp. Purchase the Truchat software which is afforded at a reasonable price and enjoy texting with beloved ones for a long time with no interrupts.

Features of Truchat:

WhatsApp clone is a script which is used to launch a new messaging app with the ideas similar to WhatsApp. The main features of Truchat include:

Chat in a Trendy Way

Two types of conversation such as single chat and group chat which denotes the private and public conversation with the friends and family. Hiding the personal conversation with your favorite ones is possible with this software by locking your chats with passwords. The user can synchronize the contacts from your phonebook rather adding them manually. Rather than typing your message with Yakista it is possible to record your message and can be delivered shortly to the receiver. Another way is the emoji message, a clip art which denotes the emotions of the user An advanced feature trending in this app is that the user can reply to the specific message using an icon in order to avoid the confusion in their conversation. It’s also possible to block the contact who tries to disturb by simply blocking that particular contact. And also the user can broadcast the message by creating a broadcast group which quite different from the normal group chats.

Make a call to your loved ones:

Apart from texting and voice message, there is another option known as the voice call. Like a normal call, making a voice call to the friends and speaking for a while is achieved in this app. This uses internet data which can also be minimized to use fewer data. Normal call costs a lot for each minute while voice call costs a few data packs. Like your chat notification, the voice call from contacts also notifies the user when the data connection is switched on. The user can use call again option when the opponent dint takes the call.

Video call to have a candid conversation:

Like voice call, the video call is an advanced feature of Truchat. When the beloved one is somewhere across the world making a video call brings them closer to the user. It brings a sense that we are next to them. So a casual conversation can be made with them like a direct way. This reduces the missing sense with them. Using the camera icon both of them can view the image with high quality and affordable data rate.

Share the best moments of your life

Photos bring the memorable moments of past life which flashes the joyful journey of families and friends. The user can share the photos and videos in their candid conversation to bring back those cherishing moments. Capturing the comic minutes with Truchat App of families and friends, inspirational and funny videos and lot more can be shared at the fast rate with high quality.
Not only the photos and videos the user can also share the contacts, official documents, and moreover the exact location of the user at difficult cases. So this is the best software to create the app and has an everlasting conversation.